Monday, July 5, 2010

Ork Land Battleship, Part 11

"It's not big enuff."

"I can't fit all da boyz in da front part."
"Da bow."
"Da bow?"
"Da front part."
"Whaddeva.  It's not big enuff."
"I already extended it once for you."
"You wot?"
"Made it bigga."
"Well make it bigga again, ya git."
"All right."

"Gotta give it some supports, like."

"See, 'dere you go.  It's bigga."
"What's wit da...hole thing?"

"Da wot?"
"Da two parts don't touch.  You cocked it up, ya git!"
"Yeah, well, my foreman messed up with his measuring tape with the first hull extension, and one side was too long."
"Wot about da foreman?"
"I killed him."

 "See?  All fixed."


Karitas said...

It's a wicked build, but what really got me smiling was the in character commentary :)

Suburban Warrior said...
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Nocturus said...

Keep up the commentary that was great lol.


RonSaikowski said...

The beauty of converting and building stuff for Orks.
That kind of work would never pass Imperial inspection.

Khorneguy said...

Love it :) very orky and loved the in-character commentary.

Might try it myself some time :)

Jason said...

Wonderful build, and a wonderful post!

What kind of time frame have you got for finishing this thing?

And are you working from a plan, or just making it up as you go?

Darkwing said...

I'm almost done with the basic structure, but I need to wait for the next shipment of plasticard to arrive to finish it! Then I'll work on the detailing. So I think it still has a while to go.

As for plans...I had it more or less in my head, but I think it's more "orky" to just build as you go and patch up your mistakes. The result will look more ramshackle that way.