Friday, April 23, 2010

Crisis Suit Conversion, Part Five

Next I decided to work on the base. Both to make it look more realistic and to give the base some heft, so as to help keep the model upright, I went outside and found a couple of rocks, which I then glued to the base.
Here's the base fully painted and, ready to go.
I also started painting the main body of the battlesuit. I decided to paint the body, wing, hip armor, and arms separately, because trying to paint it fully assembled would be really difficult.
A comment on the paint--the primary color for my Tau forces is Jade Green. This is a shade that GW made a long time ago, but then discontinued. I despaired what to do for my future Tau forces until I found out that Vallejo Game Color also makes a Jade Green, and it's an exact match. So now I just use Vallejo's paints instead... I've noticed two differences between the GW paint and the Vallejo paints. The Vallejo paints produce a glossier finish, and they also seem to rub off rather easily. So I'm thinking I may have to varnish this guy once I'm done. I'm a little nervous about something going wrong with the varnishing, but I think I'll have to bite the bullet. I picked up some Testors Dullcote, we'll have to see how it goes.


suneokun said...

Looking good. He'll be twelve foot tall, hefting some serious weaponry ... and every opponent will be asking 'What the **** is that?'

Just before he's atomised by S8 battlecannons.

C'est la vie de la Shas'El, monsieur!

Garner la foi.

Darkwing said...

Well, he'll have some'll see. :)